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The Deep Shift Platform (DSP) is a self-driven and self-empowering self-development program that’s been designed to universally transform life for individuals, taking them on a results-focused journey towards truly living their best and bravest life.

Extensively tested with hundreds of real people just like you, the DSP is proven to work for all walks of life. It does this by going beyond the obvious of creating goals and actions, beyond the positive “rah-rah” of self-development, and the “woo-woo” of some current philosophies. Rather, DSP addresses what really keeps the individual stuck, providing a real and proven roadmap of improvement based on the individual, their personality, and their life to-date.

The DSP encompasses a series of journeys. Whatever it’s the book or online format you’ve chosen, each journey takes you to a place of poignant reflection. Each journey has case studies and worksheets to achieve conscious awareness of the events, and the life-long habits or reactions that have developed in response to these events, that are holding us back from living our fullest life. We also present powerful means of overcoming these barriers to our inner genius.

The DSP was created to make the world’s best and most current human empowerment tools, easily, affordably, and safely accessible to everyone.

After years working as an executive coach, I came to believe the best in coaching or therapy should not be available just to those who can afford a coach or therapist. Many of these avenues take months, if not years to be successful – if at all.

The question in my mind that seeded the creation of the DSP was: “what works every time, with every client to get fast effective, deep, safe and sustainable change?” And so, I structured the program around these proven methodologies. After more than five years of development and testing with hundreds of clients who come from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of objectives, here it is: the DSP!

The DSP journeys are safe, they are clear, and they are logical. As one client once said: “I feel I knew a lot of this, but I have never been able to put it so clearly, logically, and simply; it makes so much sense now”.

From the first journey “away”, you can expect to go from curiosity to confusion, and then from confusion to clarity. From here, you may notice confidence beginning to grow as you start to believe in yourself – maybe for the first time. From here, you can begin the journeys of truly believing in your life’s purpose and direction, gaining momentum as you establish evidence you can live a brave and full life, way beyond the shackles of safety you have be bound by for so long.

You’ll experience great and full life. It won’t be without challenges, but you’ll discover a huge sense of self-belief and clarity.

After the DSP, you’ll have a clear map to guide every day of your life, including in the most challenging times and difficult spaces. More than that: you will have the map, the compass and the leg strength to tackle all life throws at you and thrive through it all.

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