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The Free Mini-Program – dipping your toes before going deep

We realise that the Deep Shift Platform may be a little daunting for some, and you may need to dip your toes in the water before immersing and committing to the full work.

In the Free Mini Program, you will undergo the first 4 journeys of the full DSP program, to get a feel for the simplicity and potential of appreciating your biggest blockages and your greatest expression – your best self, living your best life.

Try it for free. it will only take about 30 minutes to satisfy your curiosity.

And if it opens your mind and heart for more, consider the whole on-line program or buy one of the 3 book versions – e-book, workbook size book or handbag size book. All with access to the on-line worksheets for free.

Wishing you a great Deep Shift!

Learning Path

We were all born – soft, warm, cuddly, innocent and pure – but much more than  this, we had untapped and unlimited potential. A genius waiting to happen.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

All of us – yes, everyone – was conceived and born with unlimited potential, unique and special. Remember!

Then, something happened.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

Your first pain would have been deeply traumatic and infinitely more painful than any pain that came after.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

The promise or vow you made to yourself never to experience your Original Pain again.
In Journey 3 we discussed our Original Pain and the infinite impact it had upon our young self.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

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