About Us

The story behind the deep shift platform

The DSP was created to make the world’s best and most current human empowerment tools, easily, affordably, and safely accessible to everyone.

After years working as an executive coach, I came to believe the best in coaching or therapy should not be available just to those who can afford a coach or therapist. Many of these avenues take months, if not years to be successful – if at all.

The question in my mind that seeded the creation of the DSP was: “what works every time, with every client to get fast effective, deep, safe and sustainable change?” And so, I structured the program around these proven methodologies. After more than five years of development and testing with hundreds of clients who come from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of objectives, here it is: the DSP!

Introducing Peter Barr MCC

Peter is the founder of Ingenius Coaching (2000) and the visionary for the Ingenius Institute (2017). He is a passionate believer that life is to be lived and experienced completely every day. Peter has spent the last 22 years as a Professional Executive and Business Coach, facilitator and speaker, working to challenge leaders, entrepreneurs and their teams to step up to their greatness. To date (2022), he has over 17,500 hours of real coaching experience and coached executives and leaders from all over the world. Peter is an internationally award-winning Executive coach, being voted the winner of the Executive Coach of the year at the 2022 Global Coach Awards. He is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (attained in 2007) – putting him in the top 2-3% of coaches globally, a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, also holding qualifications in Positive Psychology, a degree in Business and certifications in health and wellbeing. Prior to coaching Peter had a successful career in the corporate arena with roles as CEO and CFO of national and international NFP’s and prior to this, professional and executive roles in the mining and resources sector. Peter has also completed 4 years on the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (2013 to 2016), including Global Treasurer for 2 years. He is also the author of the book Born Genius – Your Journey Back to the Source of True Success (published in English and Mandarin), an invited chapter contributor in 2 other coaching books, the creator of the Deep Shift Platform as well as creator of the IOS App Simple Habits Every Day. Peter’s Current focus out of executive coaching is the Ingenius Institute. Seeded in 2017 from the question, “What works every time, with every client to achieve fast, effective, deep and sustainable change”. The Ingenius Institute is the incubator and creator of on-line and soon to be A.I. based human development programs, purpose created for the coming generations who will demand speed, quality and effectiveness. The first program, the Deep Shift Platform is in production and should be ready by late 2022. But above all of this, Peter is the father of Josie, Trinity and Zander. He is a keen trail and long-distance runner, a passionate tennis player and a recent student of the Didgeridoo.