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The DSP is the front end transformational coaching platform, designed to support the client living to their full potential, by first understanding why they have chosen a life that, in most cases, is much less than this.

When clients have said …. “I learn more about myself undertaking the DSP than I did in 5 years of therapy”, or “I have never had such a deep change as I did doing this work”, or “How did you do that – WOW” …. you begin to realise there is something very special in the DSP work.

Undertaking the DSP on-line program will help create:

Who does the DSP program work for:

If you have a human story, if you desire a life that is more than you are living, and if you’re not sure why you can’t get there, the DSP is for you.

Learning Path Part 1

We were all born – soft, warm, cuddly, innocent and pure – but much more than  this, we had untapped and unlimited potential. A genius waiting to happen.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

All of us – yes, everyone – was conceived and born with unlimited potential, unique and special. Remember!

Then, something happened.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

Your first pain would have been deeply traumatic and infinitely more painful than any pain that came after.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

The promise or vow you made to yourself never to experience your Original Pain again.
In Journey 3 we discussed our Original Pain and the infinite impact it had upon our young self.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

They’re all your doubts and fears, keeping you safe, but …

To support our Original Deal, we invest an immense amount of unconscious time developing, evolving, testing and refining what I call Security Blankets.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

They’re heavy, cold and wet, dousing the flame that craves to grow. If our Security Blankets are the internal voices, judgements, justifications and emotions we repeat to ourselves (internally), our Wet Blankets are the external expression through words, body language, attitudes, energy and strategies we use – our weapons, masks and smoke screens.

10 Min read to complete + 10 Min Worksheets

Learning Path Part 2

Includes another 7 Journeys - Register to learn more.

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